American Legion Post 321


The Manager is directly responsible to the Post Commander. The Manager is responsible for
overall operation of the bowling alley, bar and hall plus overall maintenance and general
housekeeping of all facilities. The Manager has the authority to accomplish any necessary
maintenance and minor improvements as necessary for Legion operations with a limit of
$2,500.00 per month. Responsibilities include: employee hiring; orientation; discipline and
employment suspension. The Manager must investigate/recommend improvements and or
upgrades in regards to technology for the betterment of the facility.

The Manager is responsible for: the booking of all American Legion facilities for all public and
private events; ensuring facilities are properly maintained through normal preventative
maintenance; for overseeing daily operations which include cleaning and maintenance of
facilities as well as proper setup and preparation for events; coordination with Legion Auxiliary
for any function requiring kitchen facilities.

The Manager is responsible for: training and scheduling bartenders for normal day to day
operations as well as events where needed; creation of daily standards for the bar keeping
position; the ordering of all beverages, food, etc., for the bar; to communicate with all venders to
insure the Legion is getting the best possible prices for all beverages, food, and other supplies;
ensuring deliveries are scheduled in order to have a responsible Legion employee check/verify
and accept delivery. The Manager need not be present to accept deliveries but will coordinate
with the Legion finance officer for payment of all deliveries. Individual accepting delivery may
be required to make payment at time of acceptance.

The Manager is responsible for: training and scheduling counter help for normal day to day
operations as well as events where needed; for day to day maintenance of the pinsetter
equipment; coordinating with various bowling alley leagues, functions and events; required to be
on premises during all bowling leagues for the first night of each league to introduce himself and
become familiar with league members; alley conditions, (lane dressing etc.) for all leagues and
tournaments; promoting open bowling and tournaments to generate profit from the bowling
alley; performing secretarial duties for some leagues and be point of contact for the local
bowling association(s).